A Reboot Coach supported Amy using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as Amy was unhappy and was disengaging from her childcare course. Amy was able to make life-changing, positive choices.


Amy, just 18, was living independently after an irretrievable breakdown with her mother. Amy’s had only just moved into her new flat – her first permanent base, after many temporary homes. There was no broadband in the new flat, and she had a considerable amount of outstanding coursework to complete, with a short deadline. Amy was unhappy and was disengaging from her childcare course.

Her Reboot coach’s first step was to enable Amy’s move to her new flat to go ahead and helped her to move her belongings in and get broadband installed. Her Reboot coach applied to a charity and secured a bursary for Amy, which paid for a desk and chairs of her choice.

Conversations between Amy and her Reboot coach were always focusing on Amy’s values which were primarily education, employment and relationships. They helped to ground Amy when she lost focus.


Her Reboot coach also encouraged Amy to persevere with her medical appointments to help with Amy’s emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties, even though these counselling sessions were often distressing as they brought to the surface painful feelings and emotions.

With the support and encouragement of her Reboot coach, Amy developed and demonstrated good listening skills, tenacity and maturity. Amy was able to make life-changing, positive choices.

Her Reboot coach supported Amy to complete her coursework. Amy completed and passed her Level 2 Childcare course.

She now has a paid job as a Childminders Assistant – and loves it. Two of the children Amy looks after are the childminder’s own. Both adore Amy. Amy told her Reboot coach recently that she really feels included and like one of the family. This means everything to Amy. Relationships/Family are Amy’s number 1 value, consistently reflected in values sorts and conversations.

“Thank you for everything Helly. You always do what you say you will”