Why did Ellie need support from 1625ip?

When Ellie came to 1625ip, her life was unstable and she was unsure about home. She had recently been placed back with her family after a 7-month hospital admission despite tensions with her family and she feared that this was not a suitable place for her. However, at the time Ellie felt she had no other options and no means of supporting herself. Naturally, she felt despondent about her future and developed negative coping methods, such as substance abuse and self-harming.

How did 1625ip services help Ellie be more independent?

Through her CAMHS mental health worker, Ellie was made aware of 1625ip’s Supported Lodgings project, which gave her hope that she might be able to find a more stable home.

Ellie has lived with her host family in 1625ip’s Supported Lodgings since November 2018. Her host family provide a private room and support her in developing independent living skills, including practical skills such as cooking, laundry, and financial budgeting. Ellie said, “being in Supported Lodgings has given me a really stable home environment, being with someone who actually wants to look after me and who treats me like a person… I’m really grateful I’ve got someone like them”. Living in Supported Lodgings has increased her level of self-confidence, and she feels capable of attending medical appointments independently and running errands by herself with feeling “crazy nervous”.

Through 1625ip, Ellie began working with Adam from Reboot West. She feels that he supports her personal development and that, “he is someone who helps me do stuff which I’m not sure about doing myself, but he doesn’t treat me like a kid about it”. She appreciates having a contact outside her Supported Lodgings that she can approach with any problems she experiences.

What’s in store for Ellie now?

Ellie expresses sincere gratitude towards her host family for teaching her “little life lessons every day”. Her host family have helped her learn life skills that will enable her to live self-sufficiently in future, and she is now more confident with day-to-day tasks and has a better ability to manage her personal finances. Importantly, she feels that her host family have enabled her to assert control over her self-destructive habits, as she has overcome her drug addiction and self-mutilation. Moreover, she has more control over her drinking habits and ensures that it does not interfere with her studies.

As a result of the support she has received from her host family, Ellie is able to envision a bright future for herself. Currently, Ellie is saving up for driving lessons, having already applied for her provisional licence. Furthermore, she has completed qualifications in art and design and is presently commencing her level 3 qualification in the subject with hopes to progress to university. She aspires to become a tattoo artist in future and has plans to eventually buy a car and become a homeowner. For the time being, however, Ellie is excited to continue “learning more about life” from her host family.

When asked to sum up her experience with 1625ip in one sentence Ellie replied, “Fan-flipping-tastic!”