Education, Employment and Training

We help young people overcome the barriers they face in accessing and sustaining education, employment and training.

We support young people to develop goals and a clear plan. Through our support, young people can develop core employability skills including confidence, well-being, timekeeping, teamwork, communication, self-belief and motivation.

If you’re a young person supported by 1625ip, we will help you work out which options are best for you. There are education opportunities, training courses, jobs, work experience, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities for young people with all levels of experience. We can also help you to stay in education, employment or training if a little extra help is needed.


We offer maths and English courses at 1625ip, as well as supporting you into education such as college

If you want to get some training, we have links to local training providers and businesses in the local area that might be of interest

For employment, we can help you find opportunities, fill out application forms, and prepare for interviews

If you’re committed to finding work, education or training and need somewhere to live, we have some affordable housing to support people on low incomes

If you don’t feel quite ready to get into education, work or training we will help you build up your skills and confidence to get there.

See our calendar for ways to
get involved or find something to do.

Our engagement and learning team offer sessions that can help with things such as having belief in yourself, having a positive self-image, enjoying healthy relationships and learning how to cook healthy food. We offer courses such as First Aid and Tenancy Training through which you can get a certificate or a qualification which will help you in the future.

We could match you up with a mentor who would provide encouragement and guidance through a positive safe relationship. You would meet either virtually in person, normally every two weeks, for around 6+ months.

Our participation team offers you the chance to learn skills, run events and get experience. You can volunteer with us, or train as a Peer Supporter to help other young people. You can also get involved in helping to develop services.

of Care Leavers in our Reboot West project were involved in Education, Employment or Training
of young people who were involved in our engagement and learning work felt that they had improved skills
Our engagement and learning sessions were attended 407 times


They made me realise that I have the potential to achieve my goals, and that I can manage anything if I continue using the tools I was given through my support.
They made me realise that I have the potential to achieve my goals, and that I can manage anything if I continue using the tools I was given through my support.
They made me realise that I have the potential to achieve my goals, and that I can manage anything if I continue using the tools I was given through my support.


“Peer Ed has helped me to give me optimism and make me feel more confident in myself. I really enjoy raising awareness of youth homelessness.”   Lisa is a bright and bubbly 24-year-old who recently put herself forward to become a Peer Educator. She has been a 1625ip service user for many years, originally accessing


A Reboot Coach supported Amy using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as Amy was unhappy and was disengaging from her childcare course. Amy was able to make life-changing, positive choices.   Amy, just 18, was living independently after an irretrievable breakdown with her mother. Amy’s had only just moved into her new flat – her


Work to explore Wayne’s values was transformational. “Before Adam, my Reboot Coach, I was a bit scared and thinking what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do with my life. But with Adam, he’s sort of modelling me to get a better life, pushing me in the right direction to actually enjoy life.”


The support was “better than helpful!”   What was life like for you when you first came to 1625ip? My PA was going on maternity leave and knew that I was struggling with college work and home life as well. My confidence was low and I didn’t have much motivation. I was having a hard


A Supported Lodgings host, Faye, provided life changing support for Nicky. Nicky says ‘We talk about college a lot and uni and that sort of thing. Faye really good with helping me keep to my attendance. I let my attendance slip quite badly but Faye helped and will knock on my door and remind me


I am proud of myself and how much I’ve achieved   What was the presenting issue? Kayla has a strong work ethic and was already in work but was at risk of losing job due to ongoing anxiety. She usually only managed to stay in a job for a few months before a crisis in


What was the presenting issue? Elijah was a care leaver who was referred to the Children and Young People Service (CYPS) project at 1625ip by his PA in the council in the Transition To Independence team. His support was about to be closed due to his age, but, his PA felt like he needed support,


“This course made me realise how much experience I have gained through volunteering and this reflection reminded me about how important youth work is to me.” Bobby has identified that he would like to train in youth work because he would like to develop a career working with and supporting young people. Bobby and his


Johnny had struggled with education in the past and presented with a number of significant physical and mental health challenges. Nevertheless, he wanted to explore interesting things that he could do with his time. Johnny had been living in high support accommodation for six months. During that time, he had been learning how to manage


Andrew lived with his Mum but due to ongoing conflict he ended up living at the elsewhere. After a period, he returned to live with his Mum, but unfortunately this broke down again and he returned to other supported housing. Andrew found this environment incredibly difficult to manage and this had a detrimental impact on


A story of a young person who had been in foster care for a long time, and then at 18 she was sofa surfing. She is now engaged with many activities with 1625ip, and enjoys living in a shared house.   When I first came to 1625 Independent People (1625ip) I’d left foster care 6


A story of supporting a care leaver, a young person with complex mental health issues Jane is a 19-year-old care leaver with a complex history of mental health issues. From the age of 13, Jane has been under the care of the Local Authority. She received a high level of support from CAHMS and was


A story of supporting a young person through education, employment and training   We started working with Jake in June 2018. Jake’s barriers included having no experience of the workplace and high levels of anxiety around being around people. He identified his goals as to gain experience of retail work, to build his confidence, and


A story of consistent and long-term support from 1625ip through different supported accommodation, financial management support, volunteering at 1625ip and training opportunities.   Having been rejected from the family home as a teenager Ben was in care but because of his age at 16 he was homeless and came to 1625 for help. He stayed


“Future Builders gave me the hope that good things can happen, I didn’t have to stay in that situation.” Why did Alex need support from 1625ip? Alex was living at home with her parents but they had a difficult relationship. They often argued which was impacting Alex’s mental health. She had finished her college course


Through his Reboot West Coach building a trusting relationship and exploring values rather than goals, Ezra disclose more to his Coach, which ultimately led him to being in a much safer, happier position today. Why did Ezra need support from 1625ip? Ezra moved to Bristol in Sept 2019 from a children’s home environment into his


Rohan was feeling increasingly isolated through the COVID pandemic, fortunately, he was supported to find new and exciting work experience to boost his confidence and progress to independence. Why did Rohan need support from 1625ip? Rohan was referred to the Reboot West project through his personal assistant over the summer break. He was progressing from


Why did James need support from 1625ip? When James started working with his support worker, he had recently moved from a hostel into his own housing association flat. He was suffering from anxiety stemming from feelings of isolation, as he had little contact with his family. Although James has a close friend, he lives an


Why did Jazmine need support from 1625ip? Jazmine faced challenges to her physical, mental, and emotional health from a very young age following traumatic experiences of rejection and instability in her home life. This led to difficulties in forming attachments with peers and trusted adults, which impacted Jazmine’s schooling significantly. During her early adolescent years,