Financial Capability

We know that for everyone, as well as young people,
stability with money is critical to accessing
other opportunities in our lives and to having a safe and secure home.

If you are a young person, we can help you to develop your money management skills and confidence, open a bank account, increase your budgeting skills or deal with rent arrears or debts. We can also support you to learn where to go for other money related help when you need it.

young people moved into a home thanks to the YBS Rent Deposit Scheme


I found it really difficult to understand Universal Credit, and the whole thing really stressful. Through the Ask Us project I have done things I would have never been able to do on my own. They have consistently fought my corner and I am very grateful.
1625 has given me an extra nudge to help myself and be better. Emma is amazing and has helped me so much like getting my benefits sorted and helping me understand bills and setting up direct debits. I was starting to get into debt before but Emma has really helped me with sorting everything. Please say thank you to Emma and give her recognition!


A Supported Lodgings host, Faye, provided life changing support for Nicky. Nicky says ‘We talk about college a lot and uni and that sort of thing. Faye really good with helping me keep to my attendance. I let my attendance slip quite badly but Faye helped and will knock on my door and remind me


Supporting Juan to understand Universal Credit, obtain part-time work, and gain independent living skills.   Juan was referred to floating support after moving into a private tenancy and leaving a supported housing scheme. Prior to this he had lived with his grandparent who had unfortunately passed away and he wasn’t able to inherit the tenancy.


What was the presenting issue? Elijah was a care leaver who was referred to the Children and Young People Service (CYPS) project at 1625ip by his PA in the council in the Transition To Independence team. His support was about to be closed due to his age, but, his PA felt like he needed support,


A story of supporting a care leaver, a young person with complex mental health issues Jane is a 19-year-old care leaver with a complex history of mental health issues. From the age of 13, Jane has been under the care of the Local Authority. She received a high level of support from CAHMS and was


A story of consistent and long-term support from 1625ip through different supported accommodation, financial management support, volunteering at 1625ip and training opportunities.   Having been rejected from the family home as a teenager Ben was in care but because of his age at 16 he was homeless and came to 1625 for help. He stayed