Positive Contribution

We provide opportunities that are beneficial for young
people, the volunteers and the organisation, with the ultimate aim of enhancing our support for young people.

If you’re a young person, here at 1625ip we offer opportunities for you get involved and tell us how housing and support services for young people should be run. Ask your support worker for more information about any of this.

You can volunteer for us and train as a Peer Supporter offering other young people some friendly support.

As a young person you can be paired with a mentor for a period of 6, 9 or 12 months and to help with isolation, confidence and wellbeing. Mentoring can also give insight to industries or careers, and offer a chance to share goals and interests with someone new. If you are interested in having a mentor or becoming a peer mentor, please contact volunteering@1625ip.co.uk

Our Independent People Ambassadors Board (IPA) is a group of young people who identify key issues, set their own priority projects to complete and meet with the Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team to help set priorities. They are consulted on key decisions affecting the organisation. The group meets every month in the evening, so that young people at work and college can be part of it too.

The Youth Forum and 1625ip Connects events are a chance for young people to get involved in shaping the way we do things at 1625ip. It is an event held twice a year, with guest speakers. It’s in the evening, there’s food and it’s very relaxed and friendly.

Our participation team offers you the chance to learn skills, run events and get experience. This includes being part of a recruitment panel for 1625ip colleagues, so helping 1625ip decide who to employ. You can get involved in planning things like trips and our summer or winter socials.

If you live in a shared house or hostel your support worker will set up regular house meetings where you can have your say about your house or service.

of young people felt more confident through our participation work
hours of volunteering took place, including mentoring and the Youth Board
young people were trained as homelessness Peer Educators


Peer Ed has helped me to give me optimism and make me feel more confident in myself. I really enjoy raising awareness of youth homelessness
Attending cooking sessions has given me the opportunity to access a course which could help to shape my future and my career. I want to do a job that makes other people happy, it will be nice to know that someone appreciates your little contribution to the world


“Peer Ed has helped me to give me optimism and make me feel more confident in myself. I really enjoy raising awareness of youth homelessness.”   Lisa is a bright and bubbly 24-year-old who recently put herself forward to become a Peer Educator. She has been a 1625ip service user for many years, originally accessing


  We focus on Maia’s involvement with the Youth Board and reflect upon her resilience and continued commitment to 1625ip in the wake of Covid-19. “It’s for the next generation…I know what it’s like to be a young person…if I can use my knowledge of how I was, or am…if I can use my experience


“This course made me realise how much experience I have gained through volunteering and this reflection reminded me about how important youth work is to me.” Bobby has identified that he would like to train in youth work because he would like to develop a career working with and supporting young people. Bobby and his


Johnny had struggled with education in the past and presented with a number of significant physical and mental health challenges. Nevertheless, he wanted to explore interesting things that he could do with his time. Johnny had been living in high support accommodation for six months. During that time, he had been learning how to manage


A story of a young person who had been in foster care for a long time, and then at 18 she was sofa surfing. She is now engaged with many activities with 1625ip, and enjoys living in a shared house.   When I first came to 1625 Independent People (1625ip) I’d left foster care 6


A story of a young person developing through 1625ip’s opportunities for engagement and learning, overcoming mental health struggles, volunteering with 1625ip, and prevention of youth homelessness through Peer Education and peer mentoring.  Caleb has come from a violent and unstable family life dealing with aggressive behaviour and his own gender acceptances. After needing the safety


A story of consistent and long-term support from 1625ip through different supported accommodation, financial management support, volunteering at 1625ip and training opportunities.   Having been rejected from the family home as a teenager Ben was in care but because of his age at 16 he was homeless and came to 1625 for help. He stayed